Our Philosophy

Our current philosophy is based on an image of the child as creative, capable and inquisitive.

Our program follows the Early Years Learning Framework and the Code of Ethics. We believe this is best achieved through the following statements:

What We Believe About Educators

We believe and therefore ensure that all staff interaction at the service with both children and adults is respectful, honest, courteous, sensitive, tactful and considerate.

What We Believe About Children

We believe children are creative, capable and inquisitive participants in their learning. We believe children’s active involvement in play-based learning builds understanding and develops the children’s well being and sense of belonging.

Therefore, we aim to create a warm and welcoming environment. We focus on developing social interactions and building valued relationships within the play environment that foster both attachments and a sense of belonging for the children, which can extend into the preschool community and the wider community. We will support and extend the children’s playful learning experiences through respecting and valuing each child’s unique interests, strengths, culture, ideas and choices. We understand, through the use of these strategies, the children are empowered to feel passionate about their learning. Intentionality in teaching will be in response to the children’s needs and developmental stage.

What We Believe About Families

We believe in providing nurturing, respectful and meaningful relationships in a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment to foster the positive development of the children’s self concept and self esteem and provide each child with a strong sense of identity.

Therefore, we will spend time respectfully getting to know children and their families. We aim to work in close partnership with families, using their understandings of their child to inform our knowledge and assist us in creating a quality program to advance their child’s learning and development outcomes.

We will provide information on our centre’s policies, beliefs, values and commitments. We will actively seek family input, suggestions and participation and encourage shared decision making regarding their child’s learning and development. We will consult children on matters directly affecting them and acknowledge the voice of each child. All children are acknowledged as capable and valued contributors to group learning.

What We Believe About Community

Children are connected with and contribute to their world.

We believe in supporting children to develop sensitivity to other children and mutual respect of all people within the wider community.

Therefore, we celebrate our multicultural community and encourage the cultural security for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders children and their families.

We believe in encouraging all children regardless of race, culture, gender, ability, social status or family structure to participate in all aspects of the program.

Therefore, we hold high expectations for every child’s learning and development. We welcome, value and respect families of all cultural and social orientation. Children are encouraged to self-select play experiences and use provisions to create a uniquely individual product or story that expresses meaning for them and reflects their current interests, ideas and developmental stage. We understand development is sequential and children will achieve learning outcomes in different ways, at different rates and at different times with varying degrees of support.

What We Believe About Caring For The Environment

We believe in encouraging children to develop positive and caring attitudes to the environment and an understanding of the interdependence between people, plants, animals and the land.

Therefore, we will support initiatives to reduce, reuse and recycle within the preschool program and the wider community. Educators will foster the children’s capacity to understand and respect the natural environment. In this context learning experiences will be open ended and provide the opportunity for children to participate in natural play experiences using natural and/or recycled materials. The children will be encouraged to think about sustainability on a daily basis through the use of composing and paper recycling. Children will have opportunities to water the garden and vegetable patches with water from our rainwater tank.